Airfares have skyrocketed since the new year, with less competition all over the place and pinpoint collusion-shrinking of inventories on routes with heavy demand. Making billions in quarterly profit is a dirty business indeed.
Smiles and high fives all around by the gangsteros and a note of incredibility-could it really be this easy to hold a once proud and demanding nation hostage with terrible service and schedules, lousy frequent flyer-less flights and sky high airfares? Could the way really have been paved to hold a third of a billion souls over a barrel to four fecal aircos.? Confederating, conspiring, cooperating and agreeing in broad day light to scheme to loot hundreds of millions from passengers who have been totally sold out by lawmakers and an executive branch (of all parties) that is owned and operated by hedge funds, private equity. Aerial mass transit, a lifeline for many, is now squarely controlled by speculators and the type of gangsters who destroyed the housing market and almost sunk the nation.
Watching the market between two of the nations largest cities (ORD-PHL) and AmericanUnitedAirlines has shrunk capacity so fiercely they are charging fares of $670 one way on some days (flight time 90 mins), something that should be criminalized, of course. United is selling seats for $200 that include a ride on the Newark air train followed by a ride south on New Jersey Transit before you reach Philly, literally just taunting ordinary Americans and making that choiceless route a business clientele-only one. When will the airlines Ceausescu moment come?